Author Topic: The Peado, Phobe-oh, Greedo, now Journo ( the shower a’bastards) - Thread  (Read 2055 times)


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Ay you moderator’s - Rather than having an ex player forum - why not just have one single thread (title above)where the DAWK massive can chat their socio-political observations on ex players, in just one all encompassing I’m aghast - thread, and in doing so - freeing up bandwidth so HMS DAWK, can focus its effort on the true issues here at hand - which is the corruption and fraudulent activities by the entire premier league and its referees, that are quite evidently against Liverpool Football club, its fans and the terminally effected masses, here on DAWK.

Just a suggestion.

@ Veinticinco de Mayo The way you talk to other users on this forum is something you should be ashamed of as someone who is suppose to be representing the site.
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