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Injury (and absence) related chat (so the news is kept in the other thread)

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Nothing really new in that article weíve known for a while now that Ali, Jones, Jota and Trent wouldnít be available until sometime in April. Just need to take it one game at a time and hopefully Darwin, Dom and Mo coming back means we can at least field 3 senior midfielders and attackers in most games going forward.

Yep, having Endo and Mac available today is critical, the result against Southampton was fantastic but our midfield was overrun by a second-choice championship side before Koumas opened the scoring, so it'd be naive to think we can win PL games with an all-kid midfield. I reckon we can get away with starting one kid in the front six and bringing another off the bench, hopefully behind Darwin and Szobo as out primary bench options.

Uhoh AureliOs:
Yo. Let's dispell some myths.

Myth 1. Players are robots. Return to play estimates are estimates. We're just sacks of meat and sometimes things go unexpectedly. There are no hard boundaries in the body. You can't point at a muscle tear and go yep thats a grade X, it's a diagnosis made from a combination of subjective and objective measures. Sometimes these are wrong but it's no ones fault. Sometimes the manager and coaches don't understand the subtle detail of a condition so use language that we shouldnt take as verbatim

Myth 2. Players are returning too soon. See point 1. You could sit them out for extra time to be extra sure but there's a balance between that and them missing even more games. Also the longer you are out the more you lose that top end "match" fitness. People blame the physios for some reason, when the physiotherapists are not mind readers. Players want to play. Players lie about how they feel. Players and physios are human and the best ones work together with trust. The physios want the team to win too. The greatest risk factor of injury is previous injury. We can't turn back the clock. They are now less robust statistically even if theyre healed. The players have to hit certain milestones to be allowed to return in a phased way. If they hit the milestone they progress and see how their body reacts.

Myth 3. Injury prevention is a thing. Nope. This is the biggest misnomer in sports medicine. It should be injury risk reduction. That's what the strength and conditioning department/sports science department does. That dept. will work with the physios to help reduce the risk of injury by, for example, doing some specific types of exercise to strengthen around the knee to reduce ACL injuries, or reduce risk of hamstring tears by doing nordic hamstring curls. We can minimise the risk but not prevent injuries happening.

Myth 4. The Physios don't know what they're doing and somehow are allowed free reign over when players return and are doing whatever the fuck they want without any accountability or reflection on their own performance and should be sacked/replaced with some magic new physios who are going to do all the things the previous ones were doing but somehow do it differently cos I think so little of physiotherapy as a profession that I dont realise that all the treatments they do are monitored by protocols with scientific outcome measures and informed by best evidence available so theyre not just fumbling in the dark but using a mix of both qualitative and quantitative data gathered over decades of scientific studies to inform their practice and even then theyre working on these biological beings who are all unique genetically and physically, as in shape and size - biomechanically, and so correspondingly need unique and individualised care, and also probably dont understand that if they were to have any respiratory caridac or neurological problems, or get old and have balance and falls problems, that I'd need to be looked after by one of these physiotherapists and maybe should trust they know the fuck what they are doing.

Well 4 is it exactly. Given the complexity of this whole thing, and the need for physio depts to work very closely with s&c depts, and how highly skilled the practitioners are, itís very possible to imagine better or worse ways of these things working in elite sporting contexts. When youíre at the absolute cutting edge of both athleticism, performance and sports science marginal gains become a real thing. So given that, itís not some sort of outrageous question to ask why our injury outcomes have been pretty bad compared to other PL clubs over 3 of the past 4 seasons.

Klopp recruited this guy to counter the exact things people are talking about

So I donít think physios are the problem.

It is worth an investigation end of season though, like any abnormal levels of anything, like our performances last season.


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