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Gini deserves a thread.

When we were first linked to him, I was not really aware of him too much as I don't follow the Dutch league and wasn't really interested in Newcastle at all (although that is changing under Rafa). But when he signed with us I did read criticisms from his Newcastle days that he was just a wide attacker or another #10...that he was a goal-scorer that couldn't score away from home...that his goals came in bursts and he went missing at times...and that we were grossly over-paying for a player that helped take Newcastle down last season.

Now, after 5 matches...he has quickly become one of our key midfielders with constant movement in attack and in defence. It has been his passing ability that has stood out and not his goal scoring ability. His defensive performance has equalled his offensive play. He doesn't look like a relegation club player that is beneath our standards...but a player that has the ability to take us to another level with his clever and quick link-up play.

He is getting better and better each match as he develops an understanding with his team-mates and...he hasn't even added goals to what he brings us yet. There is even more to come.

I must go back and rewatch some of the games as I haven't been able to make a firm opinion yet. That doesn't mean anything just means that I have been focusing on others and a lot of what he does has passed me by.

He's getting better each game in this role. Fair play to him

[new username under construction]:
Love how you see him in and around the box so much, knows how to make those runs! Also yesterday, running his ass off towards the end of the game :)

Djimi Smicer34:
He was superb last night, getting better with every game.

I like him a lot.  He's still finding his feet but once he starts scoring goals here, and I'm sure he will given how intelligently he plays going forward, I think he'll prove to be a really good signing by Klopp.


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