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Roy Bentham:
right all,

after our hardworking and sometimes overstretched Secretary Graham and his admin team has now got all the paperwork in place   ... the green light has now been given for new branches

can interested parties add their intentions here and where your subscribing from and also whether you may like to garner enough support to start your one or join one thats in the process of being set up

at the moment  i believe New Zealand , Birmingham , London ,Dubai and Skem  may be the first wave of offshoots

I'm hopeful Graham can confirm any others pending so what are you waiting for .... which branch would you be affiliated too ?   :thumbup

good luck

Who do I contact RE: the London one?

Well done on getting this all done and organised, i'll join the London branch as soon as i know how.

If there is enough support for one in South Wales I would look at helping out running a branch but due to my illness I would not always be able to guarantee my attendance but I am always online.....

tommy LFC:
Any Irish members pm me so we can organise something


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