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Taxi To Ataturk!

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These accounts never get boring.
Fantastic read.

'Istanbul Ataturk airport was like a slap across the face with a hot towel. It was humid and hot, a frantic and manic sensory overload, sponsored by UEFA. Banners for the Champions League brands hung suspended from pillars and ceilings around the arrival hall.'

Even little things like that bring memories flooding back.

Brilliant read

An inspiring story, thank you for the fantastic read. I watched the match on a 27inch tv at home with my friends.  :'(

I'm entering University in the fall and I desperately hope to be able to do an exchange with Liverpool Hope University in my third year. This of course would be so that I can live in Liverpool, in England and I can go to Anfield.

I still feel bad about messing up re kick off time, what makes it worse is the fact that I didnít even learn my lesson.

Taxi cam to the hotel round 3am to take us to the airport on the Saturday morning but as my watch was still set to UK time like it is for every single trip I go on I was fast asleep, why get up when its only 1am?


Good read... :D

--- Quote from: MichaelA on August  1, 2005, 04:15:07 pm ---because that sort of thing just doesn't happen outside of Fulchester.
--- End quote ---


El mooro:

Personally, I'm still struggling to take football seriously again after that night.


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