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BETCHER BOTTOM DOLLAR. League betting competition...2022-2023 Season

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Betcher Bottom Dollar League betting competition...2022-2023 Season.

The new season is on the horizon. With a bit of luck we shouldn't encounter too many problems this time around.

As with every season we're always open to new entries so if you can get a friend or family member to come and join our ranks please do so. We have some 'family' involvement already within the league, and not just 'Team Skittle', so all are equally welcome.

Just to keep everyone abreast of the rules..........

BBDL Rules.

  1. Each participant receives 50 Virtual Pounds to bet each week.
  2. You can only bet on home win, draw or away win outcomes in the matches specified.
  3. Anyone missing a bet will be deducted 25, up to a maximum of -50.
  4. Occasionally odds for matches will not be provided. This is usually because I am not allowing bets on the match for any particular reason or that the odds are not yet available. If there is any doubt, please ask.
  5. All of the 50 must be bet each week, but it can be split into as many individual bets as you wish, with a minimum stake of 1.
  6. All your 50 must be bet in one post. You cannot for example place a 25 bet on a Saturday match, wait for the result and then bet the remaining balance on a Sunday match.
  7. You cannot bet on all the outcomes of one match, or all outcomes of a different bet to guarantee a profit.
  8. If you place your bet(s) twice, the first bet will be counted and the second ignored, unless amendments are clearly highlighted.
  9.  Any bet placed after the scheduled kick-off of the match in question will be discounted (even by as little as seven seconds).
  10. SonOfSkittle rule: You cannot change a bet after the kick-off of the match you have bet on, unless you posted your bet late and it would have been discounted anyway.
  11. Bets placed totaling more than 50 will be ignored. For example, a post betting 60 on Liverpool will be completely ignored, whereas in a bet of 40 Liverpool win/20 Spurs win, only the Spurs part of the bet will be ignored.
  12. Bets can be placed in advance if you are prepared to bet without knowing the odds. Simply notify me on the message board and I will make a note in my spreadsheet.
  13. bryanod rule: If copying another comptitor's bets, they must be posted in full. Entries such as "same as catto" will not count
  14. If you try to bet but break any of the rules (in good faith), you will receive 0 - rather than being deducted 25 for missing a bet.
  15. If your bet, or any part of it, is postponed and you don't make any changes then your stake for that bet, or part of it, will be returned.

As always, we welcome any new players who want to join in the fun

As the numbers may not increase that much we plan to run two divisions only.

Black Bull Nova:
If we have to say 'in', then 'in'


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