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Right, lets see if there is much interest in this, ideally need 10 people. I'll randomise all who want in and you'll be given one of this weekends game. You decide W/L/D and we all put an acca on based on those decisions. You decide how much you want to put on. First 10 who reply get a spot and will need to make their call before 6pm tonight.

1. Brentford v Arsenal

2. Man Utd v Leeds
3. Burnley v Brighton
4. Chelsea v Crystal Palace
5. Everton v Southampton
6. Leicester v Wolves
7. Watford v Aston Villa
8. Norwich v Liverpool

9. Newcastle v West Ham
10. Spurs v Man City

El Lobo:
Iíll have a go

Liverpool to win at Norwich


--- Quote from: fucking appalled on October 22, 2021, 01:15:19 pm ---Iíll have a go

Liverpool to win at Norwich

--- End quote ---

You don't get to pick which game  ;D If we get 10, or close to 10, I'll randomise everyone and you'll get a number from 1-10 for the game you get to pick the result for.


The G in Gerrard:
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