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RAWK Running Slowly?

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--- Quote from: Just Elmo? on June 25, 2021, 10:03:32 pm ---RAWK just found an extra gear.....

Did someone feed the hamsters?

--- End quote ---

Yep somebody's taken their foot off the brakes!


--- Quote from: Craig 🤔 on June 25, 2021, 10:04:24 pm ---Did GOT complain that pace websites don't count so we had to slow RAWK down?

--- End quote ---

Rawk was like Emre Can turning for fucks sakes.

Ghost Town:
I've been struggling to access the site via Tapatalk for several days and then today it slowed right down on the laptop as well.

Laptop's OK now, but still can't get on via Tapatalk

When the page loaded slow I thought either we've bought someone like Mbappe or sold someone Salah..  ;D

Sometimes see the visitation numbers peak in such "special" periods (also if we lose an important match...)

It tells you in the footer how quickly the page was created and if the server is under stress.


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