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Sheer Magnetism:
Dave Roback's died at the age of 61. Since a lot of people are fans of rock stars, musicians or rappers who may not be well known enough to warrant an individual thread, I thought I'd start off an all purpose one where people could post up their personal RIPs.

Anyway, Roback's been in a few different bands down the years but came to recognition as singer and guitarist in the terrific Rain Parade, thought by many to be the best band in California's Paisley Underground scene in the mid-80's, before hooking up with Hope Sandoval to form Mazzy Star, who remain one of the sexiest bands ever. He made some genuinely great music.

Absolutely gutted about David Roback. I love the Rain Parade (although he left after the debut album, so doesn't appear on Crashing Dream), Opal and Mazzy Star - all three bands with similar yet also distinct sounds. Really wish I had gone to see Mazzy Star a few years ago...

Thanks David, for all the great music.

Was going to start a thread for this news. Such a distinctive sound. I'm listening to Mazzy Star now and it's always like slipping into a dream.


--- Quote from: S on February 27, 2020, 08:34:49 pm ---I'm listening to Mazzy Star now and it's always like slipping into a dream.

--- End quote ---

Good description of their sound.

Sad to think there'll be no more magic from his hands. Really a lovely band, just got on with making their music their own way, untouched by the industry or the world outside.

19th Nervous Title:
Good idea for a thread. Posted in the music thread recently that Andy Gill had died. Went unnoticed. Mega artists have their own threads. The rest can go in here. As crass as that sounds.


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