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Jurgen: thank you from RAWK

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Anyone who aspires to be a true leader, whether in sports, business, or whatever, can look at our Jurgen and learn a LOT.  And if you're reading this, first of all, THANK YOU for not only this year, but everything since you've taken this Club under your stewardship to bring us back on our perch, where we belong.

Oh, and please bring the trophy to the US this summer!


Thank you Jurgen.

Im going through some tough times and this man has made things more bearable. I'm a middle aged bloke and I think if I ever met him I'd break down. His humility allied to his humour make him truelly unique, especially amongst this business which I sadly cant call a sport anymore. Of course he has many other positive traits.

We are very lucky as a club to have had the list of giants that we have had as our managers. It would be silly to pick a favourite. They have all been decent, honest, hard working men who all belong at Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp can stand alongside them all.

Some things are remembered forever. Winning the CL is one of them, winning special games is another. This season we saw both. Decades from now, I'm certain people will still remember this season.

It's fair to say many doubters are now believers.

Thank you!

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Fist Balls
Fucking Mentality Giants
Talk About Six Baby

I freaking love you Jurgen!!!!!

Thank you for bringing joy, passion, beautiful football energy and intelligence into our club

Timbo's Goals:
I'm with you John lad.


I'm pretty sure only two previous trophy wins have provided me with an enduring warm glow inside that comes close to matching the one this seems to have unleashed.  First was way back in '62 when we clinched the Second Division. Next was in '65 when we won the cup for the very first time. Sure, there's been so many other amazing occasions down the years which have had me dancing but it truly must be well over half a century since I've felt that same sense of lingering joy that simply refuses to ebb away. I swear the silly grin I've sported for the past 10 days is now indelibly etched on my gob.

The source of the heightened emotion for this latest triumph is I guess not hard to pinpoint when you reflect upon it.

The sense of justice done following the heartaches perpetrated by the Ramos violations of Kiev and the financial cheating of City depriving us of the league title we so richly deserved with the team's incredible performances over the entire season. The sheer immensity of the glory involved completely overshadowing the now seemingly paltry City treble delivering green-eyed apoplexy to their crowing supporters. The unique achievement of that unforgettable Anfield night against Messi and co which rendered the prospect of a defeat in Madrid unthinkable and unbearable yet one that was still always a possibility until it was finally despatched and, moreover, one that would surely have been a final defeat too much not to have broken the huge heart of our incredible manager, no matter the brave face he would have shown after such an eventuality. Finally the efforts of us the fans throughout the season yet most of all at Anfield against Barca, in the streets and stands of Madrid and, of course, during the most beautiful, joyous, colourful, spellbinding welcome home that has surely ever been seen.

So yeah. Thank you Jurgen and your incredible band of Redmen, for sure.



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