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Not sure whether there's a thread for this already so mods please close and point me in its direction if there is.

Thought it'd be interesting to talk about walks and hikes we're doing or planning.

I'm a regular walker and have been for the last 10 years or so since university, but tend to stick to urban environments going town-to-town such as the one I did over Christmas, from Lytham up the coast through Blackpool to Fleetwood.

This year me and my girlfriend have decided to start doing regular hikes around the North, starting last week in Edale, aiming for Buxton but finding the 50mph wind on Mam Tor a bit much and heading down to Hathersage. Today we walked up through Tameside in Manchester up the Huddersfield Canal to Dovestones reservoir - a really beautiful location in the western Peak District. We want to do one a fortnight.

We decided to do this because we want to take part in the Macmillan Peak District Mighty Hike in July - a 26-mile walk between Darley Moor and Bakewell (so some Thornbridge at the finish). Details of all of the hikes are here if you're interested, by the way:

Anyway, any hikers about?

Wow. We have been in the same places. I used to stay with my parents in the University summer and cycled from Lytham to the North side of Blackpool every day and back for a warehouse job. I have hiked all over Edale and Mam Tor all the way back towards Sheffield.

I just think you can't go wrong with anything from Burbage valley, Hope Valley to Mam Tor and Kinder Scout.

I always liked Kinder Scout for dead reckoning navigation by compass as it is always misty as heck and you are stepping over air frame bits from aircraft that crashed into during war training. I always liked Winnats Pass, Mam Tor, Lose Hill then Win Hill then back into the valley.

This was a favorite of mine too.

Used to be a 25 mile night hike around the edge of Sheffield.

This looks pretty wild though.

Nice thread. I've had a decent stab at both the Munros and Corbetts (down to my last 30 Munros now though no longer living in Scotland has reduced the pace of completion to glacial). I was lucky, as a youth, to be in the RAF MR, so managed to tick some great, and varied, routes around the UK. Done a few big-ish walks around the Peaks, with Edale to Marsden always a classic (If you can sort start/finish transport out). A lovely route is the 9 Edges ( The Derwent Watershed was always a big day out. Did it in summer and winter. As tough as anything I'd ever done north of the border! Good luck with the event, looks superb.

Can anyone recommend me some decent comfy walking boots?


--- Quote from: LiamG on September  3, 2019, 05:07:18 pm ---Can anyone recommend me some decent comfy walking boots?

--- End quote ---

I find that the days of old stoic leather boots are a thing of the past. If you are doing wet weather hiking then yes, get some decent leather boots. If you are a bit of a summer hiker I would go for something much more light weight. You really can't beat going to your local outdoor store. Getting them online is tricky to get the right size.


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