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America/Canada/Mexico hold the 2026 world cup

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disgraced cake:
Is it too early for this?  ;D

The joint bid for USA/CAN/MEX dominated the vote to hold the World Cup in 2026 (48 teams) over Morocco


Already a thread on it -

disgraced cake:

--- Quote from: sms1986 on June 13, 2018, 12:29:13 pm ---Already a thread on it -

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Sorry, didn't know there was a world cup board!

2026 World Cup Host cities are announced as follows in the west are Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco(Bay area pretty sure Levi Stadium), Sofi Stadium in LA, Guadalajara, Central is Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Monterrey, Mexico City, East is Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New York City

If the final isn't at the Azteca what's the fuckin' point?


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