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Marvel Musings. Now with Spidey Spoilers.

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Vintage Nerd:
So with Iron Man 3 upon us, respective threads avaiable here;

attention turns to Marvels future line up with its second serving of what has been deemed "phase two" lined up as Thor (2): The Dark World set for a UK release on 30th October 2013.

First poster has just been released, with a trailer due to follow in the next 10 days, probably attached to Iron Man 3.

For those into comics it is rumoured to be  (loosely) based on the arc that ran in 1984 between issues #344 - #349 features returns for the orignal cast and an addition of Chris Eccleston as the villan Malekith the Accursed.

Phase Two is set to supplemented next year with Captain America (2): The Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy. Eagerly anticipating GotG but there hasnt been too much on it yet bar a few central castings.

Interesting to see where Marvel Studios goes with GotG, bit of a gamble as it hasnt sold well as a comic in its two original forms although the relaunched Marvel Now! is selling well, and two central characters are a Raccoon and a talking tree, but I`m a massive fan so fingers crossed!

Of course the culmination of "Phase Two" will be Avengers 2 in 2015, and the wheels are already in motion on the releases after that (Edgar Wrights Ant-Man). Looks like its going to be a busy time for Marvel fans!

Barefoot Doctor:
This should be the plot for Avengers 2:

Really excited for Iron Man 3 - cracking reviews so far. Booked to see it a week today in IMAX 3D. Thoroughly enjoyed Thor and Captain America so looking forward to seeing how their sequels pan out. Guardians of the Galaxy is a curious one - funnily enough, you might spot Chris Pratt, the GotG lead, in that clip posted above.

Ben J:
That video is spectacular.

Barefoot Doctor:
Thor trailer is coming on Tuesday, btw.

Can't wait to see the trailer!
Everyone is saying how it has a GoT feel. Sounds promising.


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