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--- Quote from: MichaelA on August  8, 2012, 10:22:46 am ---

Inspire A RAWKite

The 2012 London Olympics have surpassed national expectations, and in turn the nation has given our athletes a platform to perform, and an opportunity to return in Brazil in four years time and excel themselves again.

Danny Boyle's opening ceremony also gave the opportunity for the people of Great Britain to take a look at themselves, and recognise some good in a country that has taken a financial and emotional beating over the last few years. We realised that like how we look, we like what we've done, and we like what we're capable of doing - for ourselves, for our country, and for the wider world. The wider world took a look, and they generally nodded along in approval.

In many respects Team GB is a cross section of society; we've seen 54 year old Nick Skelton (complete with replaced hip) take a Gold in the Equestrian events, and we saw Helen Glover win a Gold in rowing just four years after taking up the sport. Lizzie Armitstead won silver at the age of 23 after taking to cycling at the age of sixteen.

We've seen Scouse Olympians like Katarina Johnson Thompson announce themselves on the world stage, and medals arrive from Beth Tweddle. Scouse alumni like Chris Boardman have shared expertise and knowledge in the media, and the highest profile man of the games, Bradley Wiggins, is a self confessed Red. Inspired by a city, inspiration for a city. 

The Games has shown all of us what we are capable of as individuals and as individual nations within Great Britain. We won the right to hold the Games because we said we would Inspire A Generation, and here on RAWK we are taking that Olympian Spirit seriously, and we are asking all of our users to take inspiration from the Games, and from their fellow RAWKites.

We're going to reformat the Olympics Board after the Games are over, and turn it into a resource - and hopefully an inspiration - for participation in sport - all sport. The site already has a number of busy and active threads where people share advice and experience on running, cycling, fitness, coaching, etc. We will house them all here, alongside information and advice from fellow RAWKites.

Can we get fit? Can we get competitive? Can we get a RAWKite to Brazil in 2016? The challenge stars here!

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Great idea for a board, Pheeny


--- Quote from: Ziltoid on September 28, 2012, 07:41:13 pm ---Great idea for a board, Pheeny

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not just my idea a joint one from the Staffroom.

I have no recollection of writing any of that, I must have been tipsy on Olympic Spirit.

Anyway, how awesome would it be if we had a RAWKite at the Brazil Olympics? Even as a spectator...

But really, how awesome would it be if more of us got out more? Got fitter, took part, enjoyed active sports?

Share your sports, your stories, your challenges, your hints & tips. :wave

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:

--- Quote from: MichaelA on September 28, 2012, 07:56:46 pm --- Even as a spectator...

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I'm going if i can afford to. Lady B will probably be going as a giant ;)


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