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--- Quote from: kennysjacket on May  7, 2012, 08:50:27 pm ---I disagree.i have seen a few overreactions from mods over a few simple points.topics closed easily due to the subject may be percieved as inflamatory even before the discussion reaches that stage.

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No room for "Just In Time Moderation" then? How can you assess it is an overreaction? Surely that is as (potentially) subjective as any perception of the reasons for locking is (potentially) subjective? Some specific examples might help your case so that we can, with the benefit of hindsight, assess if any recent locks were overreactive or correctly pre-emptive.


--- Quote from: Southern Pansy on May  7, 2012, 08:47:16 pm ---The problem with voting is that it accelerates the formation of cliques and suppresses dissenting voices that are often the most informative and challenging.

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I agree with this. Sometimes the lone voice appears to be talking rubbish but on reflection sometimes a great post emerges which would be shouted down by the majority. I'd rather see some quality editing rather than group democracy.

Mutton Geoff:
Not much wrong some people repeating posts and attacking posters on twitter is quite cowardly though maybe we need to report stuff said offsite relating to posters and posts on the site! Other than that some intense discussions some laughs , some irate people but mainly we all should want the same thing and great people in here!

Z e u s:

--- Quote from: jaybeezay on May  7, 2012, 08:52:46 pm ---Would the problem with this then not be that it breeds people to outdo each other with how much they hate a certain player.
Poster 1 " I hate downing, he's a coward"
Poster 2 " I f***ing hate him too, I hope he breaks his legs"
Poster 3 " I double f***ing hate him, I wish he was dead"

And then it goes from there. It's difficult though because I understand the need for people to go mad sometimes

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Whocares, it that 1 thread anything can happen.

The rest of the forum can then be clean and a more reasoned, constructive and balanced place.

If poeple need to vent, they go to that thread. 


--- Quote from: J-Mc- on May  7, 2012, 08:50:01 pm ---There was but they both got locked last year sometime.

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That's the problem, don't lock them, let people rant, but keep it in 'general'.
People know what's acceptable and what's not, if they overstep them mark the a 7 day cooling off period.
EVERY thread seems to be derailed at some point, and it's annoying.
I don't want someone being derided because the want Rafa back, or saying Carra is shit, or whatever is the current trend, UNLESS it's done maliciously, or without thought/reason.


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