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Red Viper or RedViper87 please? Thanks x:
Play five a side on a monday night with a mate from work and 8/10 other people I don't know except through playing footy with them. Unfortunately I can't play every week as I do shift work.

Such a good laugh though. I took footy for granted when I was at uni as I was training twice a week and playing at least one 90 minute match every week, actually got pretty sick of it. Haven't played that much since I left uni 2 years ago and really do miss it now. Playing five a side every now and again is as good as it gets for me nowadays. :(


--- Quote from: Istanbul Therapy Group on July 23, 2010, 03:44:58 pm ---Completely agree, always surprises me how serious i take every game, every pass i misplace, chance i miss, i'm always properly pissed off. Mad, it just doesn't matter, but its a great stress relief.

--- End quote ---

And thats the reason I stopped playing not long after I left school. Used to play constantly, soon as I got in from school - change, get ball, off to Astro turf. Loved it. Football was the only part of PE I liked as well (stuff your gymnastics and cross country, id write myself a note for them and forge the mothers signature).

However, after we left school, all my mates started playing for local teams and didnt bother with just a random 5-a-side kick-about or game of 'wembley' or headers and volleys any more.

I didnt want to play seriously. Mainly due to the fact that I didnt think I was good enough and I do get annoyed when I misplace a pass, miss a tackle, etc etc.

So the long and short of it is, I havent played football in about 9 years now. Do miss it sometimes but Ive kind of replaced it with squash (which Im actually decent at) and the gym so in terms of fitness I dont need it.

Did attempt a 5-a-side while I was in Australia last year. Obviously been years since I last played, at which point I was about 16/17 and didnt need to warm up. Ever. Just run out and smash the ball at the goal. No worries.

So, first touch, rolled across the edge of the penalty area. I run up and swing at the ball. Ball Flies miles over the hockey style goal and my groin goes 'POP'. Thats it. Game over. Torn groin. Comeback over. Me limping for the next two weeks.

And so, my boots remain 'hung up'.

Went back to playing tonight after 18 months out. Wasn't injured or anything, just my regular five a side broke up and I was busy with coaching kids in gaelic football so I kinda fell away from it. Anyway, decent indoor game, mix of a few forty somethings like me, some younger blokes and then a few older teenagers, which is sort of unfair on a 43 year old who hasn't played in a while. Very laid back game, though, nobody shouting at each other, all good fun and suited me on my comeback. I expect my competitive streak will return soon enough and then they'll fuck me out.

Not looking forward to tomorrow's legs, though. Actually, at my age, it can be the day after that's worse for the old lactic acid. I feel fine now but I'm probably in shock.

Used to play almost every day in summer with my mates when I was younger. Haven't played much since those days except a bit when I was at University and the occassional five a side-/football tennis-tournament. Have started playing again with some other mates in December and it is exactly as you're describing it in your first post in this thread. The only downside is that we're playing on Sunday morning which is awful. After the first time playing again, I almost couldn't get out of bed on Monday. That has gotten better though... ;)

None since I came back to Preston. Really need to find a place in Liverpool to live, so I can start playing again. Miss it so much!


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