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--- Quote from: jackh on February  2, 2023, 12:58:07 pm ---Still looking, Andy?

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I am mate but not on the road as of yet (should be in the next couple of weeks though) and I am in Kirkby so would need to drive.

Will let you know soon as I'm on the road because I am definitely game.

I couldn't work out where to put this question so left it in here.

I have a question for those actively playing football in amateur leagues.

I referee local youth games and have on occasion reffed university level.

Listening to 606 they had pieces this weekend about referees and how much abuse they get and how it is hard to get people to do it. One ref said he tells coaches to tell some parents to leave, but they just come back.

What happens when players abuse refs in the UK leagues ?. My local organizations and leagues are incredibly strict. Red cards get standard 2 games bans or whatever but any genuine abuse of a ref will get players banned for the rest of the season or for 12 months. Also refs are told if problems parents don't leave then just walk off and abandon the game.

The one question that was never asked on 606 was how do the leagues enforce abuse of the refs. If a ref files a report to the league what action can get taken on players or parents ???.


Be Interested to know myself

Have heard some bad stories, mate of mine in work is a coach, said he witnessed a referee walking off close to tears one game the abuse was so bad

could go on but ill leave you with one from an old friend of mine, he said one match he sent off a teams captain, whole team surrounded him pushing and shoving him. He sent the entire team off!

His son is one of my best friends, he always told that story, finally got full sp of his dad one night, told me he reported them to the league and the team were kicked out of the league


--- Quote from: jackh on February  1, 2023, 05:01:46 pm ---Anyone looking for a game at the moment?

We've struggled for numbers a bit for our five-a-side either side of the festive season - we play at 18:30 on Thursdays in South Liverpool.

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Just giving this a bump, in case anyone's looking for a game - we're still struggling a bit (including for today!), though we get it over the line most weeks!


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