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This season’s Defence – an Attack

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Great post.
Excellent in fact.

If only some journo's had half the thought put into their work.

Top notch writing there yorky.

Top notch reading there too!

too tired to read that, but will tomorrow as Yorky is one of the very few posters on here who are worth reading..

El Campeador:
You were bang on last season about Riise, Yorky, fatally right. As a matter of fact, I might take to blaming you for his Original Gangster move against himself in the 94th. So I've much respect for your calls about our defence.

Regicide indeed, but it is the right move. Carra sits, and does a job off the bench as either a fullback or centreback. Everything you identify about the skills of the other two are spot on - especially the fact that at times last season, Carra looked to be struggling; one year later, one year slower at this age. He's not going to change now and start scoring, which by the way Yorky, I think Sami should get more credit for scoring some Massive goals over the years. Even last year, being drafted in off the bench, he made Sabu Pundit sit up and take notice against the Arse - no bigger stage really.

Back to Carra though - best we can expect is solid desperation defending, a will to die for the cause, and lots of appearances, the guy's tough as fucking nails. He won't go forward now. He won't score big goals this year, he never has. And being a year older, he will probably be a step slower, and the cramp tackle in Istanbul you refer to, this time, he may not make contact with.

Skrtel and Agger - yes.

Excellent post, had fun reading that.

Skrtel was imperious against Alfie Potter and co. ;)

Very good reading that, well done. :thumbup


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