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Survivors: Talk about it, share it, we'll try to help

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RIP Chris Lam. No words. Just tears - and the memory of a gentle, grinning giant of a man I had a huge amount of respect for......

Glorious Future:
Hello there all you. I'm here to say hello and wishing the best for everyone. A lot of love from me to you, regardless of who you are, if you're here too.

I'm always there...I can remember every minute detail of the day from meeting up early on to getting home.

Dozen of us in a much to recall many horrors..but two things resonate....sitting in the back of the van in silence travelling back...then ' Let it Be' came on the radio...I can't hear that now without  it brining me tears...even as I type this....and as we sat in silence ..lost in our own thoughts..the lad driving , pipes up  " Does that mean I've won the sweep for nil nil?"...we all burst out with laughter....then we started talking that moment the release was needed....It may seem wrong what  he said now but at that time it enabled us to open up...and we've all said since we are grateful for that..we all acknowledge it was a crucial moment for us to open up...and funny.

For Eric George Hughes


Another year passes and it never gets any easier.


Said a prayer at mass today for all those lost, bereaved and survived......God bless all.

Some wonderful floral tributes made on video on the official site - and great words from Jurgen & Jordan.

RIP 97.....Justice for the 97......YNWA


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