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Survivors: Talk about it, share it, we'll try to help

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I know you want me to tell my story lemmo but i still consider im very lucky thousands in the world have no one but i still have friends,God bles the 96


--- Quote from: 2dogs in LA on April 15, 2006, 04:35:04 am ---The survivors are all of us that were there. All the families at home watching all unfold on live TV not knowing, as my mother, if their son, husband, daughter, wife, cousin or friend was one of those being carried on an advertising hording with a coat on their head with a bare arm bouncing in the sunshine are survivors. The heroes that fought the police just to try to allow the faces in front of them turning blue a saving breath of air are survivors. The police that defied orders to beat us back into that cage of death and tried to drag stiffening bodies from the hell are survivors.
Survivors of a tragedy that did not need to happen. Survivors of an event that changed our view of life forever.
We are the survivors. Remember us, everybody, because without the dead and survivors we may all still watch "the beautiful game" from behind electrified barbed-wire fences and have no respect greater than an animal being herded without care into "PENS".
Today is an emotional day. This time it is also Easter. A time to remember and grow has never been so relevent to me personally.
I hope those that laid down their scarves in respect (for there but for the grace of God...) although they did not wear our colours remember too.
My prayers go out to the SURVIVORS.
We still sing and we still shout and we still wave our flags high in the air. Just like we always did because we are survivors and those that didn't survive with us would do the same for us if we were not the survivors.
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--- End quote ---

Well said mate

the invisible man:

beautiful words...

you are all heroes, there could have been many more...

Love , honour & respect...for the 96...


Glorious Future:
Well, here we are and it's October. 6 months either side of April. Seems long away, I suppose, and some will be thankful for that. But we know it comes again, and again, and thank God it does really. We can always mark their going, there temporary departure from us.

I believe we'll meet them again.

And at this time, though I feel Ive failed in the idea to raise a web site or something to be a place for people, I havent forgotten the need and the importance as I see it. I have people, some people, who know of what goes on in our heads at times, and they are priceless in this life. But there must be people out there who on that day, in April, in particular, feel alone, and I don't want that to be the case. In fact any time of the year.

At this point, so I dont despair at my inability to sort something out up to now, Im going just put it out there that ANYONE who, at any match, or on the 15th or thereabouts, wants to meet up for a beer and a chat, I'll be there at wherever it is people'd want to meet.

To get this started, I'll hopefully be meeting one of our fellow RAWKites at the Bordeaux match for a beer. It won't be a mad one, cos I have to get home handy and to bed after   :) - it'd be before the match. But as a first thing, it'd be a good start. After that, who knows.

Anyway, as long as our fellow RAWKite agrees and wants to make it (you know who you are  ;) ), I'll suggest the Sandon - more space there than anywhere else, and it was part of the beginnings of our club, so seems appropriate. And I believe Houlding said there that "I'm here on a trial, and a criminal never takes the chair" If you feel anything like me, there'll be no chair at our 'meetings'.  ???

Anyway, again  ::) Im suggesting the Sandon, in the back bar with the big screen - at the bar of course  ;D - and Ill be wearing a red carnation... no I wont. Ill be the tired looking heap with me white trainees and a pint (ok, that could be any 40,000 of us...) - - anyway, Ill be there, and Ill be the dark haired weird fella with a scowl on me face - er not helping here. How do you do anonymous meetings? Anyone?  :D

So as it is, Ill be at the Sandon, at 6.30 say, and Ill be noticeable by either the forlorn withdrawal of a strange one, or manic rantings about footy and life in general, with our fellow RAWKite hopefully. Dont get out much me you know.  8)

Bordeaux - 31st October - 6.30 - Sandon. If you want to PM me, Ill give you me mobile number - saves the ridiculous identification lark.

Glofut, I'll PM you as well, but I'll meet you in there. Mine's a Guinness in case your first. Anyone else that wants to meet up you're welcome. Either post or PM Glofut or me :wave


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