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Survivors: Talk about it, share it, we'll try to help

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Good poem, gave me goose bumps reading it. A lot in there that makes sense to survivors :wellin

the invisible man:

hi guys, yes it does make sense to some surviors, and there is nothing you write or say or feel that is not good enough to put here.

We are all one and you can say whatever you like and it doesn't matter what it is as. We don't have anyone to appologise to so please tell us your story, please let us all know how you feel, the youth of today need to know how real it was, and not just another story...

Peace, love, honour & respect to you all, and Justice for the 96...

visit this site and leave a comment...

johnlemmon... 8)

Glorious Future:
Excellent poem -HH-.

Thanks for posting it.


--- Quote from: -HH- on June 27, 2006, 09:42:38 pm ---Wrote this a couple of years ago...


You were at that game, did what you could,
You tried to help, you understood.
Or you lay there helpless with injuries of your own,
As you watched tears falling from men fully grown.

How did you feel when you couldn't find your mate?
Did you feel guilt that you didn't share his fate?
How did you feel when you couldn't find your bud?
And later, when McKenzie dragged your name through the mud?

For some time you fight on feeling always alone,
Feelings of guilt most will never have known.
You try to tell people of how much you've cried,
But they cast you away, none of your family died.

You were told for so long that you don't understand the pain,
Of the lives that were taken at Leppings Lane.
Deep down you used to feel that you should have died,
Is it any wonder some were driven to suicide?

With the things that you saw, the pain in the eyes
Of the young lad who was next to you, whose mother still cries.
There are ninety-six who are never forgotten,
But how far the cost spreads makes me feel rotten.

So for the families of the dead I always pray,
And for the lives that were lost that day.
And while I do, I offer up another prayer,
Lord please watch over those who were there.

Please watch over the man who was stood in that stand,
Who tried desperately to grab hold of that young lad's hand.
So many people left counting the cost,
And Liverpool cries for the lives that it lost.

--- End quote ---

Absolutely beautiful and very moving - sums up how those who survived perfectly

the invisible man:
we still love honour & miss our 96 friends...

we must keep up the search for justice...

Lemmo... :(


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