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The Boozer / Re: Unpopular Opinions
« Last post by AndyMuller on Today at 08:19:56 pm »
Risking the wrath of Mr Muller for expressing my opinion, the Verve were very much one of those 'of the time' bands. Loved them at the time, but their music hasn't really stood up to the test of time. Like the Stone Roses, Oasis and others.

Agreed. Music made for Crosby Nicks.
News and Current Affairs / Re: The Tories. Smelly bellends.
« Last post by Nick110581 on Today at 08:17:56 pm »
The police raided her home 8 months ago. No sign of any charges yet. Surely they have all of the evidence? Why no charges?

Because it will be a long process as the money will be laundered many times over and hidden in Trusts.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: The Anfield Wrap
« Last post by TepidTurkey2OES on Today at 08:16:48 pm »
A bit of a coup today…

Nigh swan
We value him at 100m Euros and Dortmund at 150m Euros. So it's a deal at 125m Euros. That's how it works isn't it.
Are they selling the Stadium or rights to Stan Collymore's map of places car parks and lay-bys to visit in Birmingham by car.

Edited for historical accuracy.
Would love to see Netherlands win it. Mainly for Van Gaal. You know he's a top bloke when even his Man Utd days don't discredit him. I always remember journalists trying to get a provocative statement about us out of him during the dying days of Rodgers when we were awful, even trying to goad a reaction about the Liverpool supporters during an awful match at Anfield when the crowd were equally as poor as the team. He didn't once budge and maintained focus on his team at all times.

Full respect to the man.

I think they'll beat Argentina. Messi has had to drag them over the line in almost every game and I don't think it's a great match-up for Argentina's weaknesses
Yep and it's not even close. There was a lot of talk before both shows started on which would be more popular but HBO have destroyed Amazon with this.

It's like comparing Grange Hill to Shakespeare  ;D

the irony of that is galadriel was more suited to grange hill than a tolkein series, all she needed was a faint whiff of lynx about her to complete her take on teenage angst
General Football and Sport / Re: Who is the best pundit? 2021 edition
« Last post by mattD on Today at 08:08:11 pm »
Sutton complains and moans, while spending half the time commenting on unrelated things that have nothing to do with the game. Upson has been quite good. I'm surprised he hasn't been picked up to do more TV stuff. Nevin and Rob Green are alright as well

Is that Alistair Bruce Ball? Awful commentator, one of the loudmouths/banter boys who has nothing to say who'll inevitably end up on TV like all the other shite there.
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