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Heard a few whispers at the weekend in liverpool that Kewell is on his way to Anfield in the summer?Any news?

Yep it is true. Apparently he has booked a day for the tour to see what trophies look like.  ::) ::) ::)  :P :P :P :P

I'll get me coat.

i think he's on his way out of leeds - he's been poor for them since his injury and they desperately need money. but the news that he's learning spanish seems to suggest liverpool isn't his destination. he did an interview with the sunday times a while ago where he said he'd prefer spain or italy because 'it's better football, more technical'. i doubt he'll join liverpool. it'd be nice though...

Steve C:
Yeh, and I saw him in an Estate-Agents in Southport a few weeks ago ;D

He is the only Leeds player that I rate, his talents are certainly going to waste at thugs r us.


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