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Liverpool - the world's best club - it's official


I have clicked around but haven't seen this posted on the site.  Forgive me if it has but...

I was in Switzerland yesterday and everyone was going on about Liverpool being officially endorsed as the World's Best Club.

Then I saw this on the web...(what no manure?)

Duesseldorf - Liverpool stayed top of the latest rankings list of the world's best football teams issued on Monday by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics.

Top 10 rankings (last month's in brackets): 1. Liverpool (1) 346 pts; 2 (2) Bayern Munich 312; 3 (3) Real Madrid 307; 4 (5) Deportivo La Coruna 276; 5 (6) Arsenal 265; 6 (14) Gremio Porto Alegrense 262; 7. (8.) Boca Juniors 260; 8 (9) FC Valencia 248; 9 (10) Celtic Glasgow and (15) Juventus both 247. - DPA

Confirmation Click Here

More confirmation (see second item on this page) Click Here.

Also nice stats off the top ten year by year links on the left here..  Click Here

I'd love to know how they compiled those stats...
Not that I'm anally retentive or anything, I just reckon someone like KFC could do better.  ;) for those second links Homesick, do they come with free German lessons??  ;D

Haven't we all been aware of this since a very young age? ???


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