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Ged back

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I've just been informed by a reliable source in Istanbul that Le Boss will be back for the Newcastle game. He also tells me its snowing out there!

Steve C:
Alright Neil, wonder who that could be ;-) .

Thats in 9 days time then...seems about right I guess, but the rumours can spread around pretty easily...Ill believe it when the club announce it to be honest, as there's already been a number of 'false-starts' as it were.


Me to mate.

Can confirm this as well - Ged WILL be back for the Newcastle match!!  :D :D :D

Come on!!

(this from a VERY reliable source who'll remain nameless unless he's proved wrong, in which case I will happily grass him up!)

Steve C:
::) yeh, my sources tell me that, erm... we will make a shock signing this week that will shake the football world..oh no, that was 2 weeks ago now... ;-)

I believe yer lads  :D


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