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Barry Ferguson speculation

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I see we're being linked with Barry Ferguson again today.  Take a look at,,5~184572,00.html

When I've watched him for Rangers he's been very good but he's not going to displace the Hamann + Gerrard partnership and he won't give up the captain's armband at Rangers to sit on the bench at Anfield.  What's GH thinking? Gerrard on the right maybe?

Ferguson's a very poor imitation of Hamann, and surely Ged won't accomodate him by playing Stevie G out of position. We don't need him. The only way we can improve our team is with top drawer players - proven world class.

Even Rangers fans rate Ferguson as a league below both Stevie and Didi... so I'm surprised at these rumours, unless Ged has seen something in him I haven't. There were also rumours that Taggart was interested in him for back up, should Keane leave soon. Has the world gone mad?

Although I live in the Northern Territory, I don't take much notice of the most boring league in the world. The only time I have been aware of young master Ferguson was when he suggested that the root of Rangers' problems this season was a lack of team spirit. His bright idea was a club piss up in the centre of Glasgow...


i said as much on a similar thread yesterday.
barry ferguson is shite.


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