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Total respect for his attitude. this is what you want to hear your heroes/players to be saying. i just hope he gets a few more games  :)

Brilliant attitude. Total commitment. Top notch player. Bloody patient for sure. Obviously a team man. With that sort of resolve in fighting to stake a first team claim on a more regular basis he (still) deserves a chance to show how good his game is. Just can't keep a good man down as they say.

Shaky Jake:
I hope this helps to quell the Conspiracy rumours. I would pick Jari to play behind two strikers. With Didi, Stevie/Danny and JAR behind him. I hope that Thommo/Ged try that approach at some point soon.

But I hope this underlines what I've been saying on other threads. He's only not being picked for football reasons, he hasn't been treated "disgracefully".

And he's a top bloke. Typical Finnish attitude if I may say so. No bullshit, straight talking, head down and get on with things.

Hyvää viikonloppua kaikille  ;)

Shaky Jake:
... I know, Sylvia will be on here in a minute correcting me...   ;D


--- Quote ---... I know, Sylvia will be on here in a minute correcting me...   ;D
--- End quote ---
Thats why I don't write in Dutch as Ron would be correcting me all the time ;)


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