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dirty red cheating twats


how the fuck did'nt you play like that when i was over you over paid fucking beauties COME ON YOU REDS,JUST LIKE A TEAM THATS GONNA WIN THE FUCKING LEAGUE WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED

Steve C:
We battered em. End of.

Anelka superb.

Fin..ol' lad...

It was you and I who spent all that money to cross the Atlantic and put the ship right! So now that we got them going they're on their way to winning the League.

I really think LFC should pay us to come back for the last match of the season and give us a free Kop seat when they parade the Trophy around Anfield..;)

LFC Lucky Charm

hello me arl american mate heard you had a fine old time on the newky brown i think thats what fucked them tonight a scouser drinking newcastle brown i'll bet there brown now mate.Am all for another trip tara mate


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