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We're playing better now than when we were top


Shaky Jake:
After last night's glorious demolition of Newcastle I feel the need to think back over the season so far.

Back in the autumn when we were top of the league we had all the organisational things right. The defence and midfield was solid as hell and MO was on fire. The results were going for us and we were top of the league. I was of course very happy that we were accruing points so well, but I was not so happy with the performances in terms of creativity. This was a big reason as to why I was calling for Litmanen's inclusion ahead of Murphy or Vladi.

Out of the games I was able to watch we appeared to be tactically one dimensional when attacking. We always looked for Emile with a long ball and then we relied on the genius of Lil' Mickey to bag us the points. We also had more than our fair share of luck on occasion.

Then against Fulham and then Chelsea, things began to go wrong. We hit our bad patch. We encountered some bad luck.

But now things are wonderfully back on track. We played excellently against Gala and were unfortunate not to take all the points. And last night, for me was special. I think we now have a team that is playing in a much more rounded manner.

The attack bristled with menace. Owen, Heskey AND Anelka. The Newcastle defence probably crapped their pants when they saw that line-up! Emile has come through his bad patch. Anelka is regaining top form. He was my MOTM last night. Michael is not quite at the stratospheric heights he reached in the autumn, but he still looks very dangerous and very sharp. He'll bang in a hat-trick soon, I'm convinced. The only bad thing about last night was his injury. But I would like to make the point that we are no longer so reliant on him. We have other ways to get goals.

In midfield, Didi is running the show so well. Danny played a blinder last night. We have retained the steel we had earlier in the season and added creative fire to it.

This was without Stevie and with some great players (Barmby, Redders) who could come back into contention and play significant roles in the rest of the season.

So, I am so pleased!  ;D The title run in will be very close. Arsenal and United are both in fine form. But we have a good chance. Allez les rouges! Bring on Barca!


PS Although a Litti fan, I really don't see a place for him in the starting line-up if we keep playing this well. Shame. but there you go.

anelka was simply superb. if he plays like that we can't possibly let him go. i don't care if he costs 15m, you can't pass up a player like that. the encouraging thing is that he seems very happy to be playing for liverpool. i remember he didn't even smile when he scored in the fa cup final for arsenal. he was grinning away like father dougal last night though


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