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Jordan Henderson

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Fabinho wasn't any better than him today, and I thought he was part of many good moves in the first half. The second half was a collective poor performance from most of our outfielders, don't think it's fair to single him out.

And, yes. Trent wandering to the middle and then us getting caught on the right side with Trent in no man's land is not helping him honestly. Trent can be effective from wide or centrally, so I'm a bit skeptical about this experiment which leaves us vulnerable defensively in the right side.

Didnt think he was too bad today really, if we want Midfielders covering wing-backs then we need a Mascherano who was one of the best I have ever seen at getting across and covering the space . Jordan hasn't got the legs for that these days.

So does he start midweek?

Think it's on reputation rather than form if he does. Though form can easily change of course but he's not having a good season so far. Maybe he's still feeling that knock anyway but today was yeah, not good at all, could barely even complete a pass.


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