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Jordan Henderson

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--- Quote from: Kekule on November  7, 2021, 07:18:53 pm ---Luckiest man on the pitch.  Could easily have had his ligaments done by that “tackle”. 12 months or so on the sidelines at the age of 31, and the potential long term consequences of such an injury, could have seen him all but done in a Liverpool shirt.

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Very very lucky

Not sure how even professionals are able to reign it in after the game when they've been clocked like that.

I'd probably be up for assault in the locker room if I'd been tackled like that during the game - that fucker Cresswell knew precisely what he was about there.

Rush 82:

--- Quote from: jillc on November  7, 2021, 07:25:15 pm ---A perfectly fair tackle according to Sky, the BBC commentary team. Just see one of our lads attempting that on Antonio and see where we get with it.  ::)

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Thank goodness we don't get Sky/BBC here in South Africa - everyone commentating on the game and the various post match shows agree that was a red card offense and the Jordan was very lucky not to have been seriously injured.

Get the fuck off page two you fuckin legend. MOTM

Stevie-esque performance dare I say tonight.



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