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Is the Blackburn game gonna be rearranged?

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now that we have the game against Leverkusen on the Tuesday?  Got come birthday celebrations to plan and need to know if the game is going ahead   ;D

Some are saying it'll get moved to the Saturday morning, others that it'll get put back to the last week of the season...


Steve C:
I think it will be May 7.

Apparently was in Echo tonight that they are looking for a new date......

If that is the case it would be excellent because between Apr 27 and May 11 there could be at most 1 game (the CL semi-final 2nd leg on 30-Apr / 1-May ;D) so that means the lads should have enough rest.

Also by then Blackburn's fate should be sealed (one way or the other) so they probably will not put up such a fight.

Wouldn't it be ironic if we clinched the title against Blackburn?

;D ;D ;D

Yea sure ::)


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