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Away Tickets Next Season


Below is the details for Arsenal fans wanting tickets for the Manc Away match. I think it will be a better system than the current one rewarding loyal fans especially the ones who are not season ticket holders and have to ask about for vouchers.

--- Quote ---
F.A. Premier League
Old Trafford
Date & time: TBA

We will be receiving an allocation of 3,000 tickets for this fixture, prices yet to be confirmed.

Due to the high importance of this match, all applicants will need at least 15 credits on their away match file over the last two seasons.

Applications are now requested from Season Ticket Holders, Travel Club members and Bond Holders. Season Ticket Holders will need to include completed special match voucher 32 with their application.
--- End quote ---

Like that'll happen in the near future - theyve already said no to the loyalty scheme havent they!!??

Besides this is Liverpool Football Club ticket office we are talking about here. ::)

WHY the **** are they taking names down. Maybe they'll do this for another year and use it in 2003/2004 season.


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