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Anyone got it?

Particularly looking for anyone who has used a peak flow meter, the rocket like thing to test your... erm, puff and the chart thing you have to do. Anyone know what's supposed to be the norm? It goes from 60 to 880.

I use one of them morning and night it depends on your age. As am only 15 mine should be about 450 but its 340 at the moment due to a chest infection.

340 is exactly what mine went down to last night, from a norm of between 500/600.

That'll be the downside of smokey pubs for you.

Dont worry about it just keep an eye on it if it carrys on like that go to your doctor about!

Mine is always up and down!

Its ok my asthma doesnt attack like some peoples where they literally cannot breathe and panic making it worse etc, it just feels like Vanessa Feltz is sitting on me chest. (What a dream scenario eh). Back to the doc's in a week.


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