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Pro evo 5. Playable Demo

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Saracen Salcano:
no,  i dont have a link for you fellow lovers of the pro evo, i'm after it myself.

Went on and, which have the playable demo, but its shit. 

No picture perfect, blank screen. Big let down.

Anyone got legitimate links and knowledge on where a pro evo addict can get a hit?

i cant wait till this game is out

Saracen Salcano:
But thats nearly two months away.

My fingers are twitching to get a demo.


Damn these fingers.

Im still a devoted Fifa follower, ;)

played fifa for most of my gaming life, god that sounds sad, and have played about three or four games on pro evo and am convinced it is a far better game, much more realistic, and more in tune with people who understand football than fifa, but hey its your call darth


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