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Hello everyone,

There is a bit of chatter about this now and I was looking at improving my understanding of this subject. Would anyone be able to point me to the philosophy that underpins all of this and what the intellectual pushback is?

As a layman, it really creeps me out.

[new username under construction]:
I'd start by avoiding anything Musk has to say aboout it :D

Apparently there are labs under the Himalayas where a Turkish scientist is working on these things he calls "Primarchs", from which he intends to develop trans-humans.

Andy @ Allerton!:
Marvels Inhumans is a good place to start.

Black Bolts voice can cause disruption, but he's also good on the Karaoke after 10 pints of Stella.

It's one of the reasons, why I - being about one month away from my 44th birthday - think that I've just finished the first quarter of my life. Just need to make it until 2050 and the possibilities will be out there to treat people just like cars. Just go to the service once a year and replace all the parts that aren't working properly anymore. ;)


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