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Apologies if there is a thread elsewhere. This is a bit incredible and a bit scary all at once. At the very least, the next step in search engine evolution.


Write a sad story about a goalkeeper named Jordan who has little arms and was always angry. He plays for a team named Everton who would then go on to get relegated after many mistakes from jordan. The focus of the story should be how embarrassingly little his arms are

--- Quote ---Jordan had always been self-conscious about his arms. They were short and stubby, barely long enough to reach the crossbar when he stood on his tippy-toes. He had always been a goalkeeper, and his lack of height and long arms had never been a problem before. But as he grew older and the competition got tougher, he began to realize that his small arms were a liability.

Despite his limitations, Jordan was a fierce and passionate player. He had a fire in his belly that drove him to succeed, and he was determined to prove everyone wrong. He worked hard in training, pushing himself to the limit and beyond, always striving to be better.

But as the season went on, Jordan began to make mistakes. He misjudged crosses and failed to punch the ball clear. He allowed soft goals to slip past him, and his confidence began to falter. The fans started to jeer and boo, and Jordan grew angrier and more frustrated with each passing game.

Things came to a head when Everton, Jordan's beloved team, were relegated from the top division. It was a crushing blow for the club, and the fans were furious. They blamed Jordan for the team's failure, pointing to his lack of height and small arms as the reason for their downfall.

Jordan struggled to find a new team after Everton's relegation. His confidence was shattered, and he felt like a failure. He fell into a deep depression, unable to shake the constant feeling of embarrassment over his small arms.

Despite his best efforts, Jordan was unable to regain his form. He made mistake after mistake, and his new team soon grew tired of his inability to perform. They released him from his contract, and Jordan was left without a club.

He drifted from team to team, never quite finding his footing. He was constantly reminded of his small arms and the mistakes he had made at Everton, and he grew more and more bitter and angry.

Eventually, Jordan retired from professional football. He was only in his mid-20s, but he felt like his career was over. He spent his days alone, consumed by his anger and regret. He never forgot the embarrassment of his small arms, and he never found peace.

--- End quote ---

I like it

Uncanny Valley right there 😂

Have read a lot about this and it seems like it's going to be the next big technological breakthrough that becomes part of daily life. Looking forward to trying it out!

Becoming a chatbot: my life as a real estate AIís human backup


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