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Excel experts, i need your help!

Basically i have 2 columns of data, but some of the rows aren't filled in.

I only want to use the rows where both columns are filled in, and ignore those where there is a an empty cell.
Can anybody help me?

I was looking at trying to make a third column which had this in but it didn't work:

Edit, figured it out now...

But now how do i delete the rows that contain the string "false" in a certain column?
Bear in mind theres thousands of rows of data...

Party Phil:
Have you ever used Excel before? Why not just filter both columns for blanks and delete the rows that are left rows?

Because then the 2 columns would get mixed up as there arent the same number of blank rows.
each row is 1 persons data.

Operation Hennessey:
Filter to non-blanks then copy and paste?


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