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SLR Cameras - recommendations and advice

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Im wanting on eof these now. Got my compact digital one but the SLR look better for quality of pic.

Can anyone recommend a gooden for around £500 - £600, and any good sites for reviews/buying etc.


Mr Boat:
It's got to be on here for advice etc................

Walshy nMe®:
Although not actually an SLR, the Sony H7 (or H9 which is better spec) is an amazing camera. 8.1 megapixel, 15x digital zoom.  All the features you really need.

Got mine for £240 from Gratton.

Cheers guys.

Im think of the CANON EOS 400D. Any have one?

Looking here, got my last camera from here.

Im considering one of the two following:

Canon EOS 400D

Nikon D40X

If theres another one around the 450-500 mark which competes with these two then please tell.

Once I have one, the next thing is a course in photography.

Nikon everytime.


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