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RAWK Crisis Center - we are at DEFCON 1

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Right, so who is gold command?

Surely you mods have put together a contingency plan, for such news like this?

We need counciling, shoulders to cry on, tantrum packs, there are enough Titty lips out there to sink a battle ship and to cap it all off, - Ive caught Andy making sense in a thread unaccompanied.

For me, first steps should be to play soothing music in the ‘Klopp the selfish fucker is fucking off’ thread, for anyone entering the thread - something not to down, but has a positive message, I suggest the theme tune to Prisoner Cell Block H, but I’ll let you shower, sorry, lot, to agree on something.

And can somebody please give Esther Rantzen a call, there are kids suffering out there.

And get the fucking guitar!

Just thought, do you have any emergency hug jackets, so we can start issuing out to posters? People are drowning in emotion out there.

duvva 💅:
 :lmao :lmao

Never change

I'm prepared.

John C:
Spare a thought for those of us who have Jurgen Klopp chritmas tree baubles.
Just as we think we're over him it'll hit us all again when we get the John Lewis tree out of the loft.


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