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In-game posting alert folks (AKA just watch the match)


John C:

Remember when we use to have in-game threads?
They were a mess and often significantly embarrassing for a lot of posters after 90 minutes.

Remember when RAWK forbid all and any player named threads?
It was before my Mod days but I know it was as a result of diatribe criticism or relentless negativity about a number of players.

Well, there's something I particularly noticed after the Toulouse game (which has occurred before), not only did a few invade the Kosta thread during the game to weigh in on him but people used the CL & EL general thread to make in-game (negative) observations about our performance.

It's not a major problem but it's creeping back so please don't, we'd rather you watched & concentrated on the game. Save your observations
for the half-time or post-match thread.

If you must comment (as we all do) text your mate, go on whatsapp, even try to Tweet on Threads, but please don't post on here making us tidy up afterwards.

(Jasons gifs, vids and all things factually informative are welcome of course).

Ullo John! Gotta new poster? 

Remember when Chopper used to be funny? The condom Manc manager threads?  Gregory's Girl?

Aaaah the Good ol' days


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