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The Israel thread is in the bin.

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We’ll discuss in the Staff Room but personally I hope it stays there. This is a Liverpool Football Club site. The non-football boards are here for light relief away from football. No one on here is going to make any difference to an issue that is one of the most difficult and intractable in history.

The roots of the problem combine all of the worst aspects of politics, colonialism, racism, tribalism, religious bigotry, conspiracy theories and every other shit thing that humans manage to do to each other.

If you think your opinion is a vital contribution to solving the problems in the Middle East that have proved beyond the wit of the best diplomatic minds please feel free to post your insights on Twitter or any other social media outlet of your choosing.


I didn't see what happened but I'm surprised by the decision to bin it. There were some good posts in there that some people put a lot of thought into. Poor stuff when it all goes.

It is a football site, but the quality of the comment on the football threads has been deteriorating for years. If it were just a footy site I'm not sure I'd hang around.

That's a shame. In amongst all the usual bickering there was a lot of really valuable posts that I learnt a lot from. I was out this evening so don't know if I missed something going on that crossed the line. I'd much prefer the mods just went donw the route of issuing temp bans to people not playing nice, but recognise you've got a thankless task sometimes.

For all its flaws. RAWK is like a safe haven from the cranks you get on Reddit etc when discussing politics. The worst on here pale in comparison to those places.

Broad Spectrum:
That’s a shame. I think it started as a Liverpool football club forum but it’s evolved into something so much more. Just my opinion.

Lone Star Red:
If the parameters for closing down a thread is based on people’s “vital contributions” to “solving” complex issues, then you might as well close down dozens of threads. Or the News & Current Affairs sub-forum altogether.


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