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Had some posts deleted

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about Russell bloody Brand... you cancelling me now?

For what it's worth he was one of the first twats I blocked when i entered the cess pit of twitter about 6 years ago - couldn't fucking STAND his cod thinking and his 'appeal'. It was such a fucking narcissistic sham, but to delete my comments about it - someone who's up for admitting their mistakes on the odd occasion that I've made one - I'm very fond of my mistakes 'actually'*- is a sign of utter cowardice and a shambles of a moderation team.



--- Quote from: Filler. on September 25, 2023, 11:51:09 pm ---about Russell bloody Brand... you cancelling me now?

--- End quote ---

Quality control. I looked in the recycling bin to read them, and wished I hadnít bothered to. They were not your finest hour.

Go fuck yourself.

'I looked into the recyling bin' fucking coward.


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