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Capon for Mod

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I nominate Capon to be the next Modjumalator on the good ship HMS RAWK Skiddystain.

Letís be honest, youíre thin on the ground these days, lack any artistic and musical skills and by getting Capon in, he can put you in touch with people who have those skills and can bring them into the forum.

As for Capon, heís ok, granted his spelling is a pot hut nípiss, but he means well, is always polite and knows absolutely fuck all about football, so heíll fit in well with the rest of you.

So, whoís gonna second him?

Sounds good to me!

Yes, ban 90% of the c*nts in the transfer forum Capon.

Sir Capon of Debaser:
Do I get a Gun?


--- Quote from: Capon Debaser on August  3, 2023, 10:15:24 am ---Do I get a Gun?

--- End quote ---

No as there's a risk you'll turn it on yourself after the first week of moderating.


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