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Will my ban ever end?


Will my ban ever end in the news section it most be 3 or 4 years now..

I am no longer a socialist so will fit in well now... And I really think Jeremy... Opps sorry magic grand dad was a spy, while working for the IRA and of course was a Hamas terrorist while also spying for Russia and ploting the downfall of the Jews and a total racist while at the same time looking after an a allotment and making jam and being a total anti racist all his life because thats what Baddial the person who blacked up told me and that bint from countdown kept going on about

And Keith.. Opps sorry sir Starmer is a brilliant leader who never lies and stands by everything he say, he's not a total racist whos expelled more Jews from the Labour than any other Labour leader and is not a total bigot and racist who lies about everything that's a total lie spread by those Corbynisters

So now I'm a total blairite who thinks the war in Iraq was justified and the NHS should be privatised.

Can I now post in the news section....

And yes I have been drinking....


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