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Update your passwords!

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We've been seeing an increase in spam from dormant accounts recently on the boards, and we'd like to request that you update your passwords.

For the sake of clarity, this is NOT an issue with RAWK and we have not detected a security breach. This is affecting a minority of accounts but in the interest of keeping your shit safe, you can check if your details have been included in any security breaches on (no, it's not a typo). You can enter your email address on there and check if you've been included. If you know you use common combinations of your email and password, get on and change them on ANY appropriate services. This is a general security recommendation, not RAWK specific.

If any sites give you the option of two factor authentication, do it and I can't stress this enough... ensure your email, at minimum, is 2FA protected and ANY service you use for single sign on (google, apple, facebook and twitter are common providers). It's better and safer. It's best to use unique passwords for this I would recommend looking into a password manager, I won't recommend one because I don't know the specifics of your devices, whether or not you're good with tech or the state of your memory.


Took me a while to remember my old one

All safe 😊


--- Quote from: reddebs on January 17, 2023, 01:00:35 pm ---All safe 😊

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