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In the Name of Klopp:
Tried to use Tapatalk on the forum, but keeps getting that I don't have permission to post. Does anyway know, how to fix it?

[I would answer this question but these stupid things bug the fuck out of me on my iPhone 15]

Ask nicely and say pretty please.

Not sure where to post it. Talked to one of the mods on message, but he said someone more technical from the mod team might be able to help.

I am not able to post using tapatalk. I am able to post using the website with the same username, but can't via tapatalk. I am able to use tapatalk to post on other forums, but not on RAWK.
Can anyone from the mod team help here, to get me the ability to post via tapatalk.

JC the Messiah:
Not a mod, but able to post via tapatalk. Have you tried the usual logging out, logging in again; and uninstalling and reinstalling the app?


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