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Is it just me or are the majority of new members of RAWK wum's (poor ones at that) and twat's?

And if they do happen to join should access be given to the the transfer and or main forums immediately? How about limiting their access for a bit to the Gen Sports and other boards?  :wave

I agree with restricting new members, maybe for a certain time limit or post count?

Titi Camara:
Registration is open and whilst they are vetted to a certain extent (limited information) we can never be 100% sure who we're letting in till they start posting.

Whilst restrictions may be an idea, ultimately if they are a wum on a mission it will simply take longer for them to be outed and put in the bin and also result in inane shite on other boards too.

We have some excellent, clever, witty fuckers on here. Surely we can do better than just telling someone to fuck off? Levity in the face of animosity is the way forward buddy ;) :wave

Oh, and telling someone to fuck off will get you banned.

Narwin Dunez:
Think we have this thread every transfer window. Who's to say we're any better mate :lmao have you seen the likes of Chakan and crimson tank? ;D


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