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Did the Bristol 1/2 marathon yesterday. Can't walk today! Came 295th out of 14,000 with a time of 1:28:13. Trained for it for about 1-2 months now and have been saying that so long as I crack 1:30, this would be my last as it has been such effort having to train. I've not been going out on the lash properly for about 2 months as well and watching what I eat. All my mates have been out getting twisted most weekends and I've had to stay in. Further, I'm sick of the sight of pasta! All of eaten for the last week is pasta and potatoes. Well nervous befor the race too, so much so that I was saying that it'd be my last. But now having done it, and still feeling the sense of euphoria you get afterwards I'm thinking about doing another! Tried to enter the GNR last year and the London marathon, but failed to get a place, but now, only a day's gone by and I'm already thinking "fuck this, I'll enter another". It's like a drug! So happy today.   Get in!  ;D

Well done mate, proud of you ! Gonna do the Liverpool 13 miles in March for a VERY good cause. Will be more than happy with 1 hour 35 as long as I save enough for a sprint finish, that's worth losing 3 mins from yer time  for the look on people's faces.

I ran three half marathons for Merseymart sponsored event.
there was a time I loved them, but far too old now.

I ran one complete half marathon with the famous hairdresser once, he was so funny the race passed in what seemed minutes.
Cant think of his name now, will post if

HERBERT was his name

call him what you like, he was big on charity events and a very funny fella

well done Reeves mate, before you enter a full marathon, take some time to think like I did.
At the end of a half marathon someone said
D'ya fancy running that again ?
what would you say

Well in - I'm sure all the effort was worth it :thumbup

And I saw that Herbert fella on the Weakest Link special a year or two back, seemed like a really sound, funny fella.

Well done mate - excellent time.  Not surprised that you are showing the signs of an addict! You must go ahead and run a marathon now - it if you can't get into London, go to Paris - excellent flat course, knowledgeable crowd, great experience and same time of year.

I ran the Berlin marathon last weekend in 3.09 - a personal best and am well pleased.  Here is the thread on that.

Going to run another next spring and going to give under 3 hours a serious crack.

Good luck to you.


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