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Alright everyone, thought id start this since I remember someone saying we should have one for those of us who love boxing :wave

Anyway, Robin Reid vs Jeff Lacy at the weekend, who do you pick there? Lacy has the power but from the times ive watched Rob Reid you could hit him with a hammer and he wouldnt fall over. One of the best chins in the business I think. Havent seen him as active as I would of liked since he fought Calzaghe (and was robbed imo, i had him the winner) Winner of this one takes on Calzaghe apparently, a fighter ive never rated since hes just been a hyped up creation of Frank Warren. Since he beat a well past it Chris Eubank hes irritated me. Claims he is the man but he's only left the UK once if i remember right to fight a nobody on the Tyson/Nielsen undercard. The lad he fought was well out of his depth and could of got seriously hurt. Yet Joe still hyped himself up (because apart from Frank "Ill hype them up til they leave me" Warren) nobody else really has?

Id rather see him fight Jeff Lacy, because the Reid fight wasnt a very good one if im honest. I think Lacy would be a major threat to Joe and we'd then finally know if hes any good or not. The two times ive seen him live, the first being Reid which I thought he lost up here in Newcastle a few years ago, and on the Tyson/Francis Undercard in Manchester in 2000 against Starie, ive never thought hes looked owt special.

In other news I heard Roy Jones is going to have a 3rd fight with Tarver, I think that will be a disaster for Jones like. In the last fight he had with Tarver you could easily see he was finished. I read somewhere that even Ray Charles could see his reflexes have gone. Jones should walk away from boxing now, he is a legend for what hes done, but if he keeps taking losses the way his last two fights went, when he had the absoloute fuck knocked out of him i can see him ending up being seriously hurt.

Oh aye, and watch out for a bloke named Samuel Peter, i seen a tape of him at me Uncles house the other night and I think if he keeps going the way he is, he will be the next big heavyweight name. I think if he catches anyone with his huge punch he'll put them out. Klitchkos included. This bloke he fought on the tape i seen was out cold before he hit the ground. The Americans are all talking about him and I dont think it'll be long before he becomes very well known.


I wonder if thaat Samuel Peter one was the one i spoke of on here a while back. Only saw one of his fights but good lord that was the best knockout ive seen in ages, simply phenomenol.

Not sure on the weekend though, i havent seen any of them fight in a while so can't really comment.

Good move on starting up a thread though, the guy who thought of it is a genius.  :P (Nah seriously, we needed one)

Aye mate it could well of been Peter you were talking about, think he was supposed to fight the other Klitchko, Wladimir? I dont know which is which, i get confused ;D Well he was supposed to fight one of them but Shelley Finkell was saying its fallen through over money. What power he has though, christ.

And all of a sudden i remember who it was who suggested the idea Drobs ;D

I agree that Robin Reid was robbed against Joe Calzaghe the 1st time around so I'd like to see him get a chance to set the record straight.

Mirra any news on if and when they'll be a rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Jermain Taylor?

Aye Hopkins is adamant hes having one like, I think he deserves one as well. Think it could be a lot different to the first fight, we'll see how good Taylor really is next time. No idea when it'll happen though.

Castillo and Corrales have just signed their rematch as well, hope its half as good as the first one!


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